Cala Loca Restaurant

Liguria, Italy

Being surrounded by the rocky coast of the site, the site inspired us to mimic the space inside a cave. The salon of the restaurant with all the seating available is thus allowed to take center stage as the "opening" of a cave with slight tints of colors, while the rest of the functions, the "inside" of the cave, are clouded in darker shades. By creating three degrees of lighting one can create three corresponding feelings and possibilities of experiencing one single open space.

We opted for the use of tall mirrors for the corridors that lead to the changing rooms. These are placed between every two cabins and at the end of each corridor. This small detail is extremely important as it doubles the size of the interior space, adds soft reflections of light in what is otherwise the least illuminated area due to its position at the far back of the restaurant and creates a pleasant atmosphere for the clients.

The design of the display area for the products, as well as for the shelves of the bar, is an interpretation of the stalactites and stalagmites found in caves. Having their own spotlights, these types of display cases are the ideal way to draw attention to the advertised products.

One such extra corner was also placed next to the outside contour of the hexagon, next to the booth, under a special lamp made out of tubes with small lights for a more intimate look.

The use of directional lights in order to highlight the area for the local products is mimicking  the effect of speleologists lanterns, while the light slits on the ceiling symbolize the small cracks found occasionally in caves. Together with these light pockets along the main pathways, the lighting system is practically an invitation for the clients to discover all the corners of the restaurant.

We created the grid system having in mind the shape of the site, by following the natural boundaries of the location. Opting for this triangular module, we maximized the use of space, filling almost the entire area.

The creation of the terrace for the restaurant adds a an extra distinct area, where one can experience the outside breeze and enjoy the full perspective of what the Cala Loca Beach means: the presence of the sea, the sand and the rocky coast. This terrace isolates a small protected space on the beach where we placed 3 tables with poufs and suspended origami seagulls lights for clients who want to enjoy from up-close the atmosphere of the Liguria Sea at night. Under the terrace we also placed lockers so that they can be protected from the rain.

On the beach we opted for a simple distribution grid so that small pathways are created between each row of lounge chairs and at the end of each row we placed the cold showers for clients.

In order to reach the loungers with ease we placed small wooden slabs. These together with the stairs that reach the restaurant and the mezzanine level have led lights that guide each step of the visitors.

While the restaurant floor is centered around the concept of the rocky cave filled with multiple light sources, each having its own intensity  and purpose, the mezzanine floor next to the "Passegiata Europa" was meant to be perceived as a dazzling spectacle of lights, experienced outside this space, drawing in visitors from both sides of the road.

The main inspiration for this floor was the "Starry Night" painting of Van Gogh, the motif of time passage and light distribution within this frame of reference acting also as the main concept behind the creation of various seating options. The bar stools for quick drinks are placed under the soft light bulbs of the string lights, being at the same time simple and opaque. The triangular tables in tone with the modular system are paired with brightly lit chairs that create a intimate dim light for its occupants. The brightly lit poufs and are positioned in various corners of the floor and finally the lounge chairs were placed next to the railing, as close as possible to the sea.

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