NOIA's story

NOIA is the essence of a personal story and a professional belief. Her narrator is me, Andra, architect by training and interior designer by passion, explorer of beauty in all its forms and traveling lover.

I represent an interior design studio where I find solutions to real problems of those who want to live in harmony with the place they call home.

Spaces define and shape our character, which is why it is essential for me to offer tailored design solutions. I emphasize with the diversity of the needs of those I work with as much as I highly support a friendly and human approach in everything I do. I embrace the challenges that help me grow and evolve, especially the ones that bring me closer to those I feel I can make their lives better and more authentic.

I am confident that interior design means so much more than a visual package and it can act as a bridge that brings us closer to the best versions of ourselves. It is a form that makes room for us to express our spirit and communicate the values that define us.

I would be thrilled to be your companion in the journey of creating a space that represents your inner-why as it should.

Stay awesome,